Price depends on how much room your junk / items take up in the trailer. We break down items and load our trailers in an organized fashion so that you get the most for your money. Prices start at just $50.

Since every junk removal job is different, the easiest way is for us to come by and give a no pressure, no obligation quote. If that’s not possible then we can usually give an idea of cost with pics or even a detailed description. Quotes includes dump fees.

We believe that doing a great job for a great price will result in more business and a better reputation.

Single item junk removal prices:

  • Couch: $50 – $70
  • Mattress: $50 – $60 (additional piece-box spring $20)
  • Large older TV: $50
  • Large furniture: $50
  • Large appliances: $50 
  • Hot tub (with removal): $250 – $300
  • Small shed (with demo): $250 – $300

Please contact Big Ox Junk Removal with any pricing questions:



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